Value Chain From a Single Source

Härter, one of the world's leading solution providers in stamping technology & plastic composite technology, has successfully acquired Müller Formenbau

The Background A press release from the Härter Group gives insights that the demand for progressive tools for customers' innovative products is growing. The acquisition of Karl-Heinz Müller was therefore a logical next step, as the company's own "core competence has now been expanded". The integrated mould- and toolmaking from a single source ensures innovation and flexibility as a top tier 2 supplier.

The Deal Härter Stanztechnik GmbH & Co. KGaA has successfully acquired Karl-Heinz Müller Formenbau. IEG - Investment Banking Group, under the leadership of Lars Härle, has acted as the financial advisor to Härter. 

The Partner Härter is one of the leading manufacturers of toolings, stamped parts and metal-plastic components. With headquarters in Germany and three further locations in Poland, the USA and China, Härter is positioned perfectly on an international level and active in the automotive, industrial, medical technology and electronics sectors. Karl-Heinz Müller Formenbau, a specialist for plastic tools, is the ideal partner; the company offers innovative solution strategies for the automotive supplier industry, for medical technology and for the electrical industry.

The Perspective The acquisition of the plastic tooling specialist Karl-Heinz Müller enbales Härter to offer a broader value chain. Customer centric innovations could also encompass plastic components from the beginning which becomes more essential for Härter’s hybrid and structural component offerings.