DoctorBox believes in pharmacies

Local & digital: Wort & Bild Verlag ("Apotheken Umschau") invests in the European health platform DoctorBox

The Background The corona pandemic has clearly demonstrated to the population and industry representatives the importance of new technologies in the healthcare sector. Without digital security, access to health records has become massively more difficult in times of contact restrictions. Obtaining missing or inaccessible haptic documents takes time. A patient-centered, secure and open-interface healthcare platform plays a key role in a sustainable and efficient healthcare system. DoctorBox and Wort & Bild, two innovative companies, have entered a strategic partnership to increase the acceptance and applicability of digital healthcare solutions. They benefit from a mutual transfer of knowledge. At the center of the collaboration are on-site pharmacies as trusted advice centers for patients on the pandemic and new digital health solutions, which are becoming increasingly common with the Digital Health Care Act.

The Deal The Berlin healthcare company DoctorBox and Wort & Bild-Verlag, the leading provider of healthcare media, have entered a strategic partnership to strengthen the digital healthcare system. The new partnership focuses on knowledge transfer with the aim of facilitating access to new digital technologies in the healthcare sector for local pharmacies and citizens of all generations.  IEG - Investment Banking Group acted as exclusive financial advisor for DoctorBox. 

The Partners DoctorBox is one of the leading European digital health platforms for patients. The digital health file of the same name for the smartphone has already been downloaded over 400,000 times and is number one in the Google Play Store in the category "Medicine". In the fight against the corona virus and a second lockdown, the Berlin-based healthcare company has expanded its portfolio and developed a fully digitalized platform for the delivery of COVID-19 findings, a nationwide corona warning system for companies based on Beacon technology, including an automated contact diary and the COVID-19 antibody test, which is based on a doctor's findings. Wort & Bild Verlag is the leading provider of popular health media in Germany. In print and online, these fulfill the claim of providing the right answer to all relevant health questions - credibly, competently and with the highest quality standards. The immediate health benefits for readers and expert advice in the pharmacy are always the main focus.

The Perspective Andreas Arntzen, Chairman of the Management Board of Wort & Bild Verlag: "The healthcare industry is undergoing radical change. New technologies are making various processes in this very important industry much easier. As a healthcare manufacturer, it is our task to provide pharmacists and their customers with professional information about new products and services and thus to successfully accompany them into a sustainable, digital healthcare system. The cooperation with DoctorBox is an important step in this direction". Stefan Heilmann, founder and managing director of DoctorBox GmbH: "Wort & Bild Verlag is one of the best networked companies in the healthcare market with a deep industry expertise and an outstanding media reach. With DoctorBox we pursue the goal of making digital offers accessible and usable for all patients as a health platform. The cooperation with Wort & Bild Verlag is an important element of this. We are very pleased about this strong investor".