RIB Software SE, global leading provider of iTWO 4.0 cloud enterprise platform technology for the building and infrastructure industries, announces today the acquisition of 75.05% of datapine Berlin…more
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The Japanese Mitsui Group is a new partner of the RidePooling service CleverShuttle. As part of a capital increase, the company has acquired, together with Deutsche Bahn (DB), a joint stake in GHT…more
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The NOVENTI Group and DoctorBox GmbH are starting a strategic cooperation for the further development of the electronic health record. The NOVENTI Group, as a system-relevant driver on the German…more
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Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is selling its South Africa chrome chemicals business to Brother Enterprises, a Chinese leather chemicals producer. Both companies signed a respective agreement on…more
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Brabbler AG, the developer and operator of the communications platform ginlo, has reached a binding agreement with Deutsche Post to acquire Deutsche Post's secure messenger service SIMSme. In return…more
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