RE'FLEKT, is a leading provider of enterprise augmented reality software and remote solutions Backed by RE'FLEKT´s IP and talent, PTC will expand in particular within the European market IEG…more
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Neodigital is a property and casualty insurer that focuses on the digitalisation of all processes Planned Joint Venture with No1. German motor insurance provider HUK-Coburg to expand Neodigital’s…more
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FinCompare is one of the leading B2B marketplaces for financial products VAD Beteiligungen GmbH, an investment vehicle formed by four Volksbanken, Atruvia and DZ Bank, acquires 100% of FinCompare IEG…more
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fintus is the leading German enterprise SaaS provider for the end-to-end business process automation, digitising the customer journey in the financial institutions 58% of the shares in the company…more
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RemoteMyApp provides cloud gaming technology and gaming content to businesses worldwide and operates its own cloud gaming service (10M+ downloads since 2017) Intel expands its technology…more
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