ADLER Smart Solutions is a leading integrated project development and execution firm for the renewable energy sector, specialising in photovoltaics and electromobility. The cooperation with ADLER…more
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VISMA is a leading cloud software solution company Through strategic acquisitions that suit VISMA’s strategic position, they intend to maintain its growth in Germany. IEG – Investment Banking Group…more
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Visavi is a Norwegian industrial SaaS company that provides software and services related to optimizing workflows, logistics, planning and execution of maintenance and turnarounds in heavy asset…more
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Prakriti is an app-based asset-light EV aggregator that provides B2B car rental and B2C inter-city travel services in India Backed by IEG Principal Investments and Devonshire Capital, Prakriti will…more
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RE'FLEKT, is a leading provider of enterprise augmented reality software and remote solutions Backed by RE'FLEKT´s IP and talent, PTC will expand in particular within the European market IEG…more
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