The insurance market has a clear backlog demand in the digitalisation of business models and operating processes. Neodigital offers the market an Insurance-as-a-Service model with market-leading…more
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The corona pandemic has clearly demonstrated to the population and industry representatives the importance of new technologies in the healthcare sector. Without digital security, access to health…more
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Unither Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in sterile single dose technology, announced the acquisition of Nanjing Ruinian Best Pharmaceutical (NRB), a Chinese pharmaceutical company. With the…more
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For decades classic print media has been a popular access to premium journalism and content. The rise of social media has had a strong impact on this leadership and the demand for print media has…more
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For start-ups and scale-ups, smooth communication and a scalable IT landscape are of utmost importance. Commehr and workbees meet the high demands of this demanding customer group with modular and…more
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