Thank you very much to IEG for their great job. They have been a strong partner and played a crucial role throughout the entire deal. There were some more complex aspects to this international transaction, and IEG got us to a great result in the end!
Erol Demirtaş | ClickBus Turkey
IEG was the ideal choice for Mynewsdesk to find the right partner to help drive the M&A agenda. From the beginning IEG took the time to understand our SaaS business model, product with customers, but most importantly they dedicated time to understanding our growth plan so they could find the right target for us. IEG played a critical role for reaching a very successful transaction and without their granular level involvement we would not have achieved and exceeded our expectations.
Mattias Malmström
IEG’s strong focus in Fintech and their global execution has been instrumental in helping identify and filter through the myriad opportunities while assisting us in this transaction from start to closure.
Ajay Adiseshann
IEG has been very helpful to us with their deep knowledge of global trends within the fitness industry as well as what is happening in the digital world. On top of it, they have been a great introduction to the neighborhood and helped us to create a lot of pre-opening buzz.
Kirill Pronine
Co-founder of ride.bln
IEG has proven a perfect partner of great competence throughout the entire transaction process. Without IEG there would not have been a deal.
David Pikart
Former owner of evania video
IEG-Kratos has played a crucial role in this transaction by building a bridge of trust. As a SOE, we have to follow a rigorous equity transfer process in compliance with SASAC’s regulations. Our challenge was to explain this to our Italian partner to gain trust and support. I was amazed by how they were able to translate our constraints into international references and execute it.
Mr. Xu DaNian
SAIC Chairman
IEG – Investment Banking Group has proved crucial in the transaction, providing top notch support through out the entire transaction. Driving the process in close cooperation with us as sellers, local management and other advisors.
Stein Yndestad
It has been the best decision of the last year mandating IEG to execute this transaction. A hell of a team! During every stage of the process and through all ups and downs, IEG supported and advised us.
Jakob Riegger
COO at TrustYou
IEG's experienced and very well-connected FinTech team has been the perfect partner for us during the entire transaction with Deutsche Börse. Their technical understanding of our business was more than helpful and has accelerated the process vastly. Such an efficient support is very important in order to stay focused on the daily business and to ensure rational decision making - especially when things are heating up."
André M. Bajorat
CEO at figo
IEG – Investment Banking Group has been a strong partner during the whole disposal process of Motor-Talk. They provided an excellent service, due to the capabilities of the IEG team to align and consider all interest of every shareholder.
Prof. Hartmut Wöhlbier
Former Shareholder at
The network of Stefan Heilmann and IEG which contains many contacts in the Banking and FinTech sector helped a lot and really sets IEG apart. Generally IEG is very well connected; also within those sectors of the Berlin scene someone normally does not offer very strong connections. IEG has accompanied the whole process – including the preparation of all relevant documents, the setup of and support during meetings and finally the actual negotiation during the due diligence process. It was very…
Sebastian Seifert
Barzahlen/ Cash Payment Solutions