IEG's experienced and very well-connected FinTech team has been the perfect partner for us during the entire transaction with Deutsche Börse. Their technical understanding of our business was more than helpful and has accelerated the process vastly. Such an efficient support is very important in…
André M. Bajorat
CEO at figo
IEG – Investment Banking Group has been a strong partner during the whole disposal process of Motor-Talk. They provided an excellent service, due to the capabilities of the IEG team to align and consider all interest of every shareholder.
Prof. Hartmut Wöhlbier
Former Shareholder at
The network of Stefan Heilmann and IEG which contains many contacts in the Banking and FinTech sector helped a lot and really sets IEG apart. Generally IEG is very well connected; also within those sectors of the Berlin scene someone normally does not offer very strong connections. IEG has…
Sebastian Seifert
Barzahlen/ Cash Payment Solutions