Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is selling its South Africa chrome chemicals business to Brother Enterprises, a Chinese leather chemicals producer. Both companies signed a respective agreement on…more
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Brabbler AG, the developer and operator of the communications platform ginlo, has reached a binding agreement with Deutsche Post to acquire Deutsche Post's secure messenger service SIMSme. In return…more
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The Financial Times has successfully acquired a majority stake in TNW. TNW is a leading events and media company that focuses on new technology and the vibrant European startup scene. Angela Mackay,…more
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Scout24 has successfully sold the Software-as-a-Service company classmarkets to job portal kimeta. classmarkets was founded in 2008 and started as an operator of metasearch engines, first for real…more
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Myles, a leading car sharing and car subscription company, has entered into a strategic alliance with MG Motor India with an estimated value of USD 35 m in the first phase. This partnership will…more
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