Digital Twin Enabled Business Analytics and Optimization Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Aviation Industries

The Singapore based software company D-SIMLAB Technologies acquired strategic resources for its next stage of global expansion 

The Background 
The global Semiconductor Manufacturing industry has witnessed strong revenue growth in recent years, owing to the increasing demand for ICs driven by digitalization in many industries, in particular the electrification of vehicles, IoT, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. It is therefore of utmost importance to plan IC manufacturing capacity as effectively and run factories as efficiently as possible. Wafer fabrication facilities, in particular, are very capital intensive, requiring billions of dollars of investment to build them. D-SIMLAB provides the enabling software solution suite to plan IC production, optimize factory load mixes, enhance the material flow in the fab, and schedule operations with the objective to maximize capacity utilization, reduce cycle times, and meet customer due-dates. 

The Effort 
D-SIMLAB has developed and successfully commercialized high-performance simulation-based Digital Twin components not just for capacity planning and production logistics optimization in Semiconductor Manufacturing but also for spare parts inventory planning and logistics network optimization in Aviation. These solutions have been adopted by well-known blue-chip clients in Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the US. The company received strategic resources to ramp up its service capacity to satisfy demands from more clients across a border scope of geographic regions and new asset-intensive industries. 

IEG - Investment Banking Group acted as exclusive advisor to D-SIMLAB in this effort. 

The Company 
D-SIMLAB Technologies, founded in 2006, is a spin-off from the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute under the purview of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore’s national research agency. developing, marketing, and delivering high-performance simulation-based business analytics and decision support solutions that enable corporations to enhance their performance and enjoy sustainable multi-million cost savings. It is now an international company with growing reputation and blue-chip customer base, with a current focus on Semiconductor Manufacturing and Aviation spare parts logistics.