5. March 2018


Blockchain and ICO experts demonstrated the financial opportunity and what it takes to make an ICO successful!

WHAT I DON’T KNOW, I WON’T DO!  As it is so often the case with so many subjects and matters, people are confronted with a great deal of ignorance or dangerous half-knowledge on the subject of ICOs as well. In order to counteract this development, IEG has initiated the format "Blockchain & ICO Series" to

  1. give a detailed introduction to the topic of ICO
  2. clarify rumors and half-truths and
  3. show and evaluate the potential of a regulated ICO

In a relaxed atmosphere, the Blockchain and ICO experts Stefan Heilmann (Group CEO IEG), Raphael Dana (Managing Director at IEG Singapore),  Giovanni Soleti (Managing Director at IEG USA) and Vitaly Golomb (Managing Director IEG USA and Head of Principel Investments) networked with the invited guests and exchanged information on the buzz topics Blockchain, ICO, and Crypto.

The following points were addressed:

  • ICOs and Cryptocurrencies re getting a bad reputation: Why?
  • Quick overview about Blockchain, Crypto and ICO
  • Why ICO?
  • How to run a regulated ICO from the US?
  • Who are the key players for a successful ICO?
  • IEG as the perfect ICO partner
  • Further Crypto Initiatives

ICO DEMYSTIFIED took place on March 5th 2018 at the IEG Berlin HQs in Knesebeckstraße 59-61,10719 Berlin.
The event was fully booked within hours. Get in touch with us if you are interested in joining the next upcoming events. The participation is limited - First Come, First Serve.

Stay tuned for the Blockchain Series II, following soon.






Header Pic © peshkov via Fotolia

IEG hosts first Blockchain & ICO Series
Join Us on March 5th @ IEG HQs
Make an ICO a sucess
Stefan, Gianni and Maks are hosting the event on Mar. 5th