Zionskirchstraße 73A
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22. October 2019


On October 22nd, 2019, Stefan Heilmann has welcomed his guests at the 46th DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER in Berlin and was joined by Maks Giordano, Founder at kreait, and Florian Resatsch, CEO at VC/O.

The 46th DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER took place on Oct. 22nd in Berlin
Once again, we had a full house. The event was booked within hours.
It was hosted at the Maschinenraum, the co-working space by Viessmann Group.
Maschinenraum will open officially in March 2020.
At the DFD, you spend a great night with interesting guests and insightful conversation.
The 46th edition was co-hosted by Florian Resatsch (right), VC/O...
... and Maks Giordano (left), Founder and CEO at kreait.
Tobias Rappers, Managing Director at Maschinenraum together with Johann von Georg (LarfargeHolcim).
You will always meet good friends at the DFDs.
Teresa Schlichting, Director Strategy & Transformation Management at Phoenix Contact, attended the dinner.
Holger Witte (Project A) with Matthias Ummenhofer ( / right) and Johann von Georg (left).
Constantin Schwaab (right) has founded wirelane after selling his former company Kinoheld to Eventim. Here, he is catching up with Roger Bendisch (IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft).
Old Economy meets New Economy. Jörg Rheinboldt (APX Axel Springer), Kai Squillante (BLANC Group) and Matthias Nawrocki exchanging ideas
Andreas Winiarski and Stefan Heilmann discuss the seating arrangements.
Nina Pütz, Managing Director at brands4friends and Teresa Schlichting and Mathias Wesselmann meet at the 46th DFD.
Florian Resatsch introduces the concept of the Maschinenraum to Michael Breidenbrücker.
Franziska Leonhardt, here with DFD Initiator Stefan Heilmann, has started her own business. Ave + Edam offers personalized skincare.
Johanna Strunz is Member of the Management at LAMILUX and in charge of Business Development. Here, she talks to Foodservice specialist Zoltan Lukac (Martin Bauer Group) and Robert Reisch (CDO at Gentner Publishing Group).
Maximilian von Löbbecke , CEO at 365Farmnet, the SaaS-Farmers company, joined the dinner.
Elaine Tan, CTO at Saladoo!, a logistic provider that simplifies the daily procceses of shippers and transport companies, catches up with Jörg Rheinboldt.
Before starting Clue, Ida Tin led motorcycle turns around the world and wrote the bestseller “Direktøs”.

THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME. The last DFD before the summer break as well as the first one after the summer break, both took place in Berlin. Together with two great co-hosts, Maks Giordano, Founder and Managing Director at kreait and Florian Resatsch, CEO at VC/O, Stefan Heilmann has welcomed his guests in Berlin on October 22nd.

The location was the Maschinenraum in Berlin, the co-working space by Viessmann Group, which will be officially opened in March 2020. The DFD Series was lucky enough to sneak a first peek and was one of the first events that were granted the honor to be held in this modern co-working environment. Maschinenraum is dedicated to creating an environment for long-term collaborations between the leaders of the Mittelstand to build sustainable solutions for the future. It is the place to co-create the future of the German industry.

The event was fully booked with hours and we had an amazing evening with our dear digital friends in Berlin!

Among the guests were: Michael Breidenbrücker (Speedinvest), Darius Chaman Ara (LAVA Energy), Anja Hendel (Porsche Digital Lab), Carsten Jung (Berliner Volksbank), Franziska Leonhardt (Ave + Edam), Johannes Müller (TECHHOUSE), Nina Pütz (brands4friends), Jörg Rheinboldt (APX Axel Springer), Constantin Schwaab (wirelane), Eveline Steinberger (The Blue Minds Group), Elaine Tan (Saladoo!), Andreas Winiarski (awesome capital) and Holger Witte (Project A).






Photos © Marius Schwarz

Zionskirchstraße 73A
10119 Berlin