From Zero to Full-Body Workout

Ride.bln opens second studio in Berlin City West /  IEG 12 Apostel’s 1st Principal Investment

THE BACKGROUND Kirill Pronine (Founder at ride.bln), you founded ride.bln with Till Trilling. How did the partnership started?

Till and I have been childhood friends since 7th grade and always wanted to start a business together as we always believed that our skills and strengths are very complimentary. I have worked in the private banking field for 10 years and met a lot of extremely successful entrepreneurs. Their stories inspired me to start ride.bln with Till. He has been in the Fitness industry for the last 15 years and knows the Berlin scene extremely well. The day-to-day operational aspect of ride.bln is something that Till excels at and together with Johanna, our Master rideXpert we form a great team.

THE CONCEPT ride.bln offers Full-Body Workouts. What makes ride.bln so special?

Our goal is the progress of our customers. We are convinced that effective training must be fun. Combining that with an outstanding service and a whole lot of flexibility, we are confident that ride.bln will become a big part of people’s lifestyle. The mixture of an effective workout, tons of fun, great music, inspiring rideXperts and a superb service is something that Berlin, and Germany for that matter, has been severely missing.On top of it, the lack of a membership requirement and an all-inclusive model that covers everything from shoes to water to a great shower facility really is resonating very well with our customers

THE PERSPECTIVE Currently, you are opening a second studio in Berlin? What’s the plan for the foreseeable future?

Our goal is to deliver a perfect Ride to the residents of all major German speaking cities. We think that Berlin needs at least three ride.bln locations before we move to the next city. This would cover the city for us and our clients. We are already on the lookout for our third studio.

THE PRINCIPAL INVESTMENT What’s your connection with IEG and its Principal Investment vehicle, 12 Apostel?

IEG has been a great partner for us for various reasons. On the one hand, we benefitted from the expertise and knowledge IEG provides within the fields of innovative sports and health. On the other hand, IEG was great in showing us around in our new neighborhood and creating a pre-opening buzz amongst our neighbors.

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