13. June 2018

"VCs are looking for companies getting the wave right!"

Vitaly Golomb hit the stage at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and talked about venture funding!

FOR ONE HOUR VITALY GOLOMB LED through an insightful session about where VCs are currently investing and about future tech trends at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

S-Curve describing an innovation

Clayton M. Christensen

Without further ado, Vitaly Golomb went straight to the point and summarized for the present crowd what VC exactly are looking for. By briefly turning a bit academic and referring to Clayton Christensen and the “S-Curve”, Vitaly exemplifying explained that VC are looking for companies that "get the wave right". Companies that have the technology ready to hit the market and that are not too late and not too early with this said technology. The beginning phase of the wave or curve, until the technology is ready to be commercialized and turn into a product, is fundamentally shaped by research and a lot of money.  Once the product is ready to hit the markets, it should provide value to the customer. It should either create new possibilities or have the potential to disrupt the entire market, meaning the product does something 10 times better, faster or 10 times cheaper than any other product. Venture Capitalists are looking exactly for these waves, for new opportunities.


"It was a packed house!"

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center via Twitter

Topics Vitaly Golomb covers afterwards are among others the principle of staged financing, a concept that is quite unique to startups. Here he walks the audience through the stages of a startup from the start that comes along with a lot of money burning to the first seeding money, to the break-even point, to the series A, B and C until the startup becomes a Corporate and goes public in the best case sceanrio. Furthermore, Vitaly talks about the importance of Silicon Valley, its history and why it has become the place that has generated the most value of any other place in the world. He also addresses the drivers that made it happen and much more. The entire keynote can be seen in the “Live Stream” video provided by Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

The session took place on June 12th in San Francisco at 5.30 pm PDT.