20. September 2017

Rhizome17 - Connected Kitchen Conference

Rhizome – Connected Kitchen Conference discusses the possibilities and challenges of the post digital relationship between human and machine in the kitchen.

BY FOCUSING PURELY ON PROVIDING inspiring and new perspectives about digitalized kitchens, Rhizome Conference offers an unique angle within the whole digital universe. Rhizome17 identifies the most recent trends, the chances and challenges and the future developments which kitchen life is confronted with.

Stefan Heilmann joins the panel „The Socialnet of Things – Interaction for Joint Experience“ and shares his insights about recent and future trends, which criteria are of utmost importance regarding potential investments and also his prognosis for Tech-Food startups within the next 20 years.

This panel revolves around the theme of cooking and the kitchen itself. During the last couple of years, a strong and active community has been built that shares information about recipes, utensils, storage technics, etc. As so many other sectors and industries, also the kitchen life is highly affected by technological trends and advancements. By gathering industry insiders and digital experts, Rhizome17 offers the perfect setting to gain valuable insights into the concept of connected kitchens.

The panel will be completed by Menting Gao (Founder and Managing Director at Kitchen Stories), Hanna Rees (Senior Social Media Manager at elbkind) and Anja Tanas (Nutritionist, Blogger and Journalist). Peter Erik Hillenbach will be moderating this discussion round.

To see the complete overview of all speakers: click here!

Rhizome17 will be hosted in Hamburg at Trend Kitchen & Club on September 20th 2017.





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Rhizome17 - Selected Speakers
Rhizome17 - Stefan Heilmann as Speaker
Rhizome17 - Panel on "The Socialnet of Things"
Rhizome17 - Roadmap of the Conference
Rhizome17 Conference - Connected KItchen
The Socialnet of Things - Panel with Kitchenstories, Elbkind and Anja Tanas
Stefan Heilmann during Rhizome17 in Hamburg
Rhizome17 - Panel on "The Socialnet of Things"
Rhizome17 Conference - Connected KItchen
Rhizome17 Conference - Connected KItchen
Star Chef - Tim Raue @ Rhizome17