Patient 4.0

DoctorBox enables patients to get full control over their health data - digitally. DoctorBox is IEG 12 Apostle’s 2nd Principal Investment

THE BACKGROUND Dr. Miltner (Founder DoctorBox), you are renowned orthopedist and surgeon, entrepreneur and now founder – How is your everyday work impacted by the further increasing digitalization?

In medicine, digitization is very different in its forms. More than 40% of the colleagues still manage their patient files with pen and index cards and but there are also colleagues who are already very well adapted to the digitalization. But generally I think that digitization is like an ICE train that cannot be stopped. We as physicians are well advised to not ignore this trend. 

THE CONCEPT Please clarify the exact idea of DoctorBox?

DoctorBox puts an end to incomplete Leitz folders, incomprehensible findings and incomplete medication plans as well as unnecessary double treatments. DoctorBox is YOUR own digital health record. Patients regain control over their data and can thus optimize the treatment with a doctor of their choice.

THE PERSPECTIVE You have launched DoctorBox at the app store in October. What was the feedback and what are the next steps for the future?

The soft launch of the DoctorBox app for iOS was very successful. After 1 week DoctorBox was already in the top 100 of the most popular health apps. The trend is rising. It is also helpful that we regularly attract prominent professional athletes as users and testimonials. The app is now being continuously improved and expanded and then advertised in the media. The Android version of the app is coming in the first quarter of 2018.

THE PRINCIPAL INVESTMENT What’s your connection with IEG and its Principal Investment vehicle, 12 Apostel?

Stefan Heilmann and I are founders of DoctorBox GmbH. From the first concept draft to the present day, we are a strong team, supporting the digital health record with all our diverse expertise. We are both driven by the idea of building a health record for the patient. Moreover, we can also benefit from IEG's experience in the field of e-health and from its widespread international network.

Keep your eyes open for the complete interview with DoctorBox-founder Dr. Oliver Miltner.

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