5. December 2016

"The NYC startup ecosystem becomes the 'China of the USA'."

"The NYC startup ecosystem becomes the ‘China of the USA’. Passionate entrepreneurs have been the key differentiator to the US west coast. They stick out with superior work ethics, a healthy refocus on sound unit economics as well as business models designed for immediate internationalization." Stefan Heilmann

The Hundert is a monothematic magazine and, as the names the Hundert suggests, presents 100 startup related stories especially from the Berlin or European startup scene. For the 2nd 2016 edition, the Hundert has decided to ease the rules by focusing and exploring the potentially most exciting startup ecosystem in the world – New York City!

According to the Hundert, New York has more than 10,000 startups - overall. Therefore it seemed to be quite the challenge to decide upon which companies should be featured in the recent issue. Finally, Jan Thomas and his team of the Hundert asked 40 experts to give their objective and un-biased evaluation of various American startups. By doing so, the Hundert – NYC edition offers a selection of startups as colorful and interesting as the city itself. Stefan Heilmann, CEO at IEG, was among the panel of judges. The judging panel composed of 40 investors, media representatives, established entrepreneurs and other insiders.

You can download the recent edition here: the Hundert NYC edition




Header Pic © andreykr via Fotolia

The recent issue of the Hundert with focus on the thriving New York startup scene.
Stefan Heilmann is part of the panel of judges. 40 experts evaluated the startups.
The US is also one of IEG's important markets. Reason enough to be part of this special issue.
IEG sponsored the Hundert Release Party.
Bold statement for a bold market #FuckYeah.