15. July 2016

The German startup-scene in one word? Berlin!


The German startup-scene in one word?


THE GERMAN NEWSPAPER "DIE WELT" dedicates a large special edition of the topic 'Startup scene in Germany'. Stefan Heilmann, MD at IEG, joined a very exclusive expert panel and provides insights about the trends of the startup industry. He further gives tips for future founders and entrepreneurs and information about the biggest mile stones of the founding industry in 2015. Besides Stefan Heilmann, also Florian Nöll, Chairman of the federal association of Deutsche Startups e.V., Andrea Glaser, Managing Director of the federal association of German Innovation, Technology and Founding Centers and Frank Thelen, Investor and known for his participation in the tv show "Die Höhle des Löwen" also joined the panel.

"Founding your own business can (and should) be a great personal fulfillment!"

Stefan Heilmann für "Die Welt - Neues Berlin"

What was the most important event for the startup industry in 2015?

The highlights in 2015 were the large financing round of the Berlin online auction house Auctionata with existing investors and the spectacular takeover of Wunderlist by Microsoft. These were strong signals for the startup scene in Germany. There is no shortage of clever minds, but of investors who are able to finance start-ups in later financing rounds.

In your opinion, which founder industry has the greatest potential for the future?

Basically all those industries that are based on innovative technology and do not focus on copying business models. Innovative technologies are those that replace traditional processes with innovative technologies (e.g. cloud services, SaaS, DaaS), improve (e.g. security, open source) or revolutionize (e.g. Internet of Things or Home Tech).

What tip do you have for people who want to start their own business?

Successful founders are driven by a strong passion and joy for what they do. At the centre of all thinking is the customer or user and their problem solving. Furthermore, successful founders are part of a performant team, have an eye for the essentials and do not get bogged down in the weeds easily. Founding your own business can (and should) be a great personal fulfillment!

If you had to describe the startup scene in Germany with just one word, how would you describe it?



The article was first published in Die Welt - Neues Berlin in February 2016. Header Pic © CCat82 via Fotolia

Die Welt - Neues Berlin on German founding industry
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