6. August 2019

Company News: IEG - India ranks Top 4 on the India League Tables in Internet & Technology & opens a new office in Bengaluru

IEG – India ranks #4 as India's leading Internet and Technology Investment Bank on the Indian League Tables for the first half of the year 2019. The goal for the foreseeable future is to strengthen the digital presence even further and to expand the diversification into further growth sectors. Due to favorable government policies and conducive investment climate, IEG – India expects significant cross-border investments across the internet and technology, renewable energy, ports & road construction and energy sector.

The Highlights

  1. Continued Excellence IEG – India has been ranked among the Top 4 Financial Advisors in the country for Private Equity deals in the internet and technology space, considering deal volume for H1 in 22019

  2. Strong Deal Pipeline IEG – India is currently executing transactions in the digital, technology, infrastructure and clean energy domains as part of its growth strategy

  3.  Strengthening Digital Presence and Foray into Growth Sectors IEG - India expects a strong surge of Asian investments, especially from China, Korea and Japan into the Indian ecosystem across internet and technology and other key sectors such as infrastructure and mobility. Since the stabilization of the political environment, the country has witnessed significant investment into the infrastructure space, with an investment outlay of USD 1.4 trillion by the current government.

  4. Expansion IEG – India has opened a new office in the startup hub Bengaluru, showcasing its strong commitment to the Indian digital ecosystem.

  5. Financing On the European inbound financing deals, investments towards India will be driven towards innovative tech-based solutions, especially in mobility, AI, IoT, e-commerce, consumer and B2B.

  6.  Mergers and Acquisitions On the M&A outbound front we see India's unicorns diversifying across global markets with a focus on Europe and Asia as a huge market.




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