C3 goes Burda - and global

Burda acquires a further 35% of C3 shares

Content marketing gurus Lukas Kircher and Rainer Burkhardt handing over further C3 shares to Hubert Burda Media

The Background: As a result of the merger between KircherBurkhardt and Burda Creative in September 2014 the thus newly founded agency C3 was immediately one of the top 5 digital agencies in Germany according to the BVDM-ranking. Thereafter, C3 has developed into the European market leader among the content marketing agencies, above all thanks to acquisitions and strategic alliances.

The Deal: After the merger, Lukas Kircher and Rainer Burkhardt together as well as to Hubert Burda Media held 50 per cent of shares in C3 respectively. Now the two founders transfer 35 per cent of their shares to their partner, Burda. Should the Federal Cartel Office consent to the proposal, Burda will become the majority shareholder. 

The Partners: The founders Lukas Kircher and Rainer Burkhardt and Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest media groups in Germany, have been cooperating successfully since the fusion of 2014. This is to remain the case in the future, with the aim of transforming C3 into a global player. Founder Rainer Burkhardt has this to say about C3: "C3 combines in a unique manner high-quality content, creativity and technology."

The Perspective: Global Growth! The European champion has been built. Now C3 should extend its worldwide network in order to be able to serve global clients from a single source as far as possible. Philipp Welte of the Burda Board of Management confirms: "C3 is today a creative champion on the booming market for content  marketing, and one which we, together with Lukas Kircher and Rainer Burkhardt, wish to continue to propel along its international growth path."