16. October 2016

"The Bright Future of Travel" - Stefan Heilmann presents the travelling panel at the DLDNYC conference on May 3rd 2016


Stefan Heilmann discusses with experts digital business ideas, the growth market of China and the future of tourism.

TRAVELLING IS A GREAT PASSION of many people. However, for many people, travel means a lot of stress, too. We have to pack our suitcases, bring them to check-in, squeeze into narrow seats, and accept someone else dictating our every move, until we finally land at our destination.

Travel - derived from 'travail' - work, chore

INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, the origin of the word ‘travel’ is derived from the French travail, which means: work, chore. While attending the DLD conference in New York, Stefan Heilmann spoke to three experts, whose declared mission is to bring a sense of adventure back to travelling. And the idea is not to wait until we’ve arrived at our destination – exhausted, sweaty, twisted out of shape – and plop onto the bed in our hotel room.

Jan Reh, Rimowa Electronic Tag
Torsten Wingenter, Lufthansa
Jens Wohltorf, Blacklane