5. February 2018

Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 in Singapore

"500 entrepreneurs, VCs, bankers, brilliant coders and a couple of dozen visionaries" (Forbes) met up in Singapore to discuss Blockchain, ICOs, tokens and many more hot topics of the crypto economy! Raphael Dana from IEG Singapore spoke about the "Value Drivers of Crypto Markets".

BRIDGING CRYPTO AND REAL ECONOMY. Over the last months, blockchain has become the most discussed topic all over the world. With the continuously rising prices of bitcoins, ripples, ethereums, etc., more and more regulators became wary of crypto currencies and put out warnings. Especially in Asian countries, among them China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, the uneasiness increased steadily. All the more reason why it was so interesting that the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) was hosted in Singapore from February 4th till February 6th at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Former attendees have described BEF as "a mix of both companies presenting experts from the fields, vendors as well as investors" (Alex Mashinsky, Founder at Governing Dynamics) and as "probably the best event so far in the space", said Pavel Cherkashin (Managing Partner at GVA Capital).

Raphael Dana joins two sessions during BEF2018

During three fully packed days, BEF has offered great insights in Panels that focused on general topics such as "How Blockchain will Transform the Global Economy" or "The Rules and Governance of Blockchain Technology". Furthermore there were special Roundtables organized for either Tech Dev, Investment, Regulation which were targeting specific interest of "Blockchain for Banking", "Bugs on Blockchain" and "Insights for ICOs".

IEG - Singapore Managing Director Raphael Dana joined the event and the panel on "Value Drivers of Crypto Markets" and evaluated why the Top 50 tokens are worth USD 300bn (ex Bitcoin) together with Alexey Sidorov, Co-Founder of Silkway Ventures and Lendex.io; John Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of Asian Capital and Kendrick Drijkoningen, Head of Growth at Golden Gate Ventures. The panel took place on February 5th 2018 from 4:45 till 5:30 pm (SGT).

Furthermore, Raphael Dana participated during the Roundtable on "Investments: Will Altcoins Dominate". Here the participants discussed whether traditional investors will be looking at altcoins and if a change in leadership can be expected. This session was scheduled for February 6th between 10:15 and 11:00 am SGT.





Header Pic © BEF 2018

Day 1 - The Exponential Future Day
Day 2 offers deep insights on the social impact, the rules and governnace and the security of Blockchain
Day 3 with full focus on crypto currencies and ICOs
Raphael Dana joins Panel about value drivers for crypto markets on Feb 5th - 4:45-5:30 SGT
Blockchain Economic Forum BEF Singapore 2018​ with Raphael Dana, IEG Singapore