Katajaharjuntie 10 E 21
00200 Helsinki
5. December 2018


DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER HAS PRESENTED MAGNETICA NIGHT - A great experience of food, drinks, audio and the unique Finnish way of life

Stefan Heilmann, Kayvan Nikjou, Risto Kuulasmaa, and Simona Nickman have invited their guests to a DFD event as it has never been before.



THE MORE, THE MERRIER. The end of 2018 was again celebrated with a great event in Helsinki, alongside Slush. Together with old DFD friends Kayvan Nikjou and Risto Kuulasmaa as well as DFD newbie Simona Nickman, Stefan Heilmann has hosted the 43rd DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER in Helsinki on December 5th, 2018, the closing night of Slush. Slush has proven to be the perfect setting for the DFD series as it is one of the biggest and the world's leading startup events. 20,000 tech-heads will travel to Finland for inspiration, innovation and experience the great Scandinavian spirit.

The theme of this special event: "DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER presents Magnetica Night". Magnetica is Kayvan Nikjou's, Risto Kuulasmaa's and Simona Nickman's new premium agency, located in Amsterdam. Together with further high-class sponsoring partners (Endel, Rémy Martin, The Helsinki Distilling Company and Playhouse Helsinki) the Magnetica team and Stefan Heilmann have organized a DFD night as no one has ever seen before. The guests were, of course, treated with fantastic food, cool drinks and a spectacular group of people, but during the whole evening, some surprises were waiting for all of them.

As usual: The DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER event was by invitation only and the event was fully booked. Apologies to all the people who could not attend this time, but stay tuned as there are many events to come in 2019; among them Paris, Berlin, and Moscow.

The event took place at Villa Kataya, one of the most exclusive event locations in Helsinki.
After the dinner, the chill-out area was awaiting the guests.
The event in Helsinki was the 43rd DFD.
One of the special surprises - 125-year old Cognac. Philipp von Hagen enjoyed the deliquate taste.
Stefan Heilmann, host, with Al Ewers and Bindi Karia.
The event was overbooked with a long waiting list.
It was a great mix of people - CEOs, Investors, Serial Entrepreneurs, Musicians and Comedians such as Sami Hedberg.
The DFD series is proud to enable a networking that will last.
Stefan Heilmann with Bitcoin and Blockchain expert Azam Shaghaghi
No event in Finland without the obligatory sauna session!
Cheers Guys - A great pool of relaxation - Surprise #2.
The most important house rule at the DFD events: Have Fun!
Oleg Stavitsky presented and introduces Endel, an app that generates personalized adaptive environments.
The event took place on december 5th - Closing Night of Slush!
It is all about the people!
We make sure that you will meet the most interesting people.
House Rule #2 - The food is excellent!
Kayvan Nikjou welcomed the guests and familiarized them with the house rules.
Cheers to that and to the 43rd DFD. See you in 2019!
Katajaharjuntie 10 E 21
00200 Helsinki