7. Juli 2016

Trendspotting at the 32nd Digital Friends Dinner!

During the 32nd Digital Friends Dinners (DFD), three guests were asked to provide their insights on the trends they find important, and the new apps that blew them away.

Parallel to the NOAH conference that took place in the German capital for the second time, Stefan Heilmann also hosted the 32nd DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER in Berlin. Once more, the DFD series has cooperated with Chris Glass, Membership Manager at the Soho Group. As logic consequence, the DFD event also took place at Soho House Berlin. It was the perfect setting for the last event before the summer break.

Maks Giordano is currently working on issues in digital health, in particular. “We will be seeing many new, and exciting business models developing in future, whether through DNA sequencing or in digital diagnostics,” prophesizes Mr. Giordano, managing director and co-founder of kreait. His favourite app is one that helps you disconnect, he tells us. He’s a fan of Headspace, the successful meditation app.

Franziska Deecke, head of marketing at DLD Hubert Burda Media, is following two developments that she thinks have great potential to change society. No. 1, blockchain: a technology that might be capable of shaking up more than just the banking industry. No. 2, genomics: The ability to change gene sequences will likely bring more than a few ethical challenges. Her apps: TypeDrawing (where you can add text to pictures) and Photoshop Sketch (the creative baby sister of Photoshop).

Erik Meierhoff, head of Business Development at Rakuten Europe, would also place a focus on the fintech industry. Meierhoff points out that “Fintechs need to delve into the old topic of customer care in order to be successful in the long-term,” referring to the latest Number26 incident. Which apps does this soccer fan love to use? Well, what else other than the Kicktipp app, which he touts as: “simple, social, very powerful.”

The Digital Friends Dinner will be back in September with its very first event in Tokyo, Japan.

Our guests share insights about recent trends, innovation and their favourite apps.






Header Pic @ CCat82 via Fotolia