17. October 2018

IEG to advise for corporate finance and capital raise of DSTOQ

DSTOQ retains IEG for corporate finance and capital raise - DSTOQ is one of the world’s first blockchain based security exchanges with a global stock exchange license

Please reach out to CEO Stefan Heilmann and Executive Director Mirko Heide for further information.


Blockchain technology makes it possible for a decentralized world to exist. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, untraceable activity and corruption and to create values, trust, transparency and equal opportunities in all industries, including financial services. Everyone everywhere deserves easy and affordable access to stable and reliable investment opportunities. This is why DSTOQ was built. As an investment bank, IEG is pioneering the successful melding of traditional financial services and blockchain technology, having advised multiple blockchain clients, and is a strong believer in the potential of DSTOQ.

DSTOQ is one of the world’s first blockchain based security exchanges with a global stock exchange license

The causes for existing inequalities are increasing transaction costs and scarcity of attractive and promising investment opportunities. For example, it is currently not possible for an investor to place trades directly on their exchange platforms. Processing this type of investment, customers are dependent on intermediaries such as bankers or brokers which leads to dependency on third parties and horrendous costs. As an example: a South African investor has to pay a monthly fee, a broker fee and possible foreign exchange fees if the investment is placed abroad. This means that 5% to 10% of each investment must be calculated solely for the payment of fees. Not to mention the many emerging markets that either do not have their own stock market and/or rather inefficient capital markets with little or no access to international markets. DSTOQ’s mission is it to overcome this discrepancy and create equal access to investment and capital raising opportunities.

Diversifying the portfolio without leaving the token economy.

The Potential DSTOQ’s potential for market penetration is high. It is expected that security token trading volume will reach USD 47.1bn by 2025. But most of all, DSTOQ’s platform focuses on granting both access and portfolio diversification opportunities to individuals everywhere, especially those in the untapped middle and upper class emerging markets. This demographic group’s spending is projected to rise from USD 3bn in 2015 to USD 5.4bn by 2030. In addition, DSTOQ presents a ground-breaking new way for institutions to issue securities via a completely blockchain-based system.

The Client Built on top of the Stellar blockchain, DSTOQ gives individuals the opportunity to invest in real-world assets in a tokenized form, also known as security tokens. Digital assets investors are thus allowed to diversify their portfolios without leaving the token economy and investors from emerging markets get access to products that allow for risk management. The platform provides the perfect setting for high-speed and scalable transactions. It allows investors to buy assets much quicker, much simpler and with a fraction of the traditional transaction fees.

The Token The base currency for investments at DSTOQ is the DSQ utility token. All trading, listing and other service fees are charged in the DSQ Token which can be purchased either via cryptocurrencies or fiat via third party providers. Due to their capability of leveraging existing stock markets, DSTOQ offers a variety of financial products from Day One.

The Launch The exchange platform, which is currently on testnet, will launch within the next couple of months. IEG has launched the corporate finance and capital raise to further push DSTOQ’s growth. DSTOQ plans to raise upwards of EUR 10-20m via capital raise and/or token sale.

If you would like to participate in the process or have any questions and/or queries, you can contact IEG Group CEO Mr. Stefan Heilmann or IEG Executive Director Mr. Mirko Heide.