Baskeri & Basso
00150 Helsinki
29. November 2017


"Slush provided a great reason to invite all the best people in Helsinki to meet the international Slush guests and speakers for an amazing night at BasBas."

- Risto Kuulasmaa


The 40th DFD's location: Baskeri & Basso in the heart of Helsinki
Located in a former chocolate factory, BasBas combines an urban chic with an excellent cuisine
Gianni Soleti (right) is the Managing Director of the recently added IEG office in San Francisco
Finn Martin (right), MD at Dreaminc, a Boutique Agency that connects media, design and entertainment
Vlado Koljibabic (left) is the Head of CASE IT at Daimler. CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive
Ida Tin (left) is Co-Founder and CEO at Clue. Before starting Clue, she led motorcycle tours around the world and published the book "Direktøs”.
The DFD Series was initiated in 2011 - since then it took place for 40 times all around the world.
The event series brings together brilliant, digital minds from all over the world...
... with 35% C-Level, 25% Founders, 20% Investors, 20% Creatives = 100% Friends
Dirk Buschmann (in focus) is Founder and Investor of the KI Group
Francesco Sama belongs to one of the most significant families in Italy and is the business partner and close friend of Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 pilot and world champion
After Munich, Frankfurt, New York, Berlin (2x), Tokyo and Cologne, Helsinki was the eighth stop of the 2017 DFD season
NET WITHOUT WORKING to its core - its about connecting with interesting people and sharing interesting experiences
Simple "House-Rules": The DFDs are a non-political and non-sponsorable event series - with no hidden agenda.
Renate Nyborg (left) leads the App Store for the Nordics and Benelux at Apple. Prior, the Tech expert has founded Pleo, a mobile consulting and design studio.
Erkki Izarra (right) is an expert in product development and marketing with campaigns featured in the NY Times, Fast Company, Huffington Post, etc.
Chris Leacock aka Jillionaire is a Trindadian DJ, music producer and member of Major Lazer, who celebrated major succes with songs such as Lean On and Cold Water.
Mikko Leppilampi, Chairman of Aviapolis Studios, is an A-list prolific Finnish award-winning actor, television host and musician.
From Rocket Science to Strategy Consultant: Lasse Lindqvist (left) with Corley Hughes, Acting CFO at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Nelli Lähteenmäki, CEO and Co-Founder at Fifth Corner, that built the YOU-app, a personal development app that has recently started a collaboration with chef sensation Jamie Oliver.
Aviv Junno's creates the most "lean back" online video experience by collecting various video content and creating non-skippable channels.
At the Natural Step, Dr. Thomas Riegler bridges science with political strategies and entrepreneurial goals for a better world.
Kimmo Syväri (middle) is an award-winning photograph who is launching an international ice cream brand at the moment.
MIka Ihamuotila, Chairman of Marimekko, a design house famous globally for its original prints and colors, enjoys the dinner with Pekka Viljakainen, former President of Tieto International.
Christoph Färber, Head of Strategic Future Projects Mercedes-Benz at Daimler, discusses recent trends in the mobility and automotive industry with IEG-tech expert Lars Härle.
Maria Ritola (left) co-founded Iris AI, an Artifical Intelligence that starts out as a Science Assistant and intends to become a Scientist itself.
As Chief Digital Officer, Jörg Hellwig leads LANXESS to become The Digital Leader in the chemical industry.
Saku Tuominen, an entrepreneur, innovator and award-winning television producer, is the Founder and CEO at HundrED which is a worldwide project set out to develop education for the next 100 years.

WE FINISHED OFF THE DFD SEASON 2017 IN THE NORDIC CAPITAL. The final event of the DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER season 2017 took place in Helsinki alongside one of the biggest Tech conferences worldwide - Slush. The Slush conference does not consider itself as a business but as a community. A community that celebrates entrepreneurship and offers a great platform for founders, corporates, investors but also for interested people to meet and to build a world-wide startup network. Slush is mainly based in Helsinki and in recent years, more than 17,500 people, 2,300 startups and 1,200 investors were present and visited Slush.

The main idea behind the DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNER is to create a space with an easy-going atmosphere for brilliant, fun and smart people. In Helsinki the hosts, Stefan Heilmann and Risto Kuulasmaa ( CEO and Co-Founder at Tubecon), were able to gather up leading digital-minded people who share the same passion for innovative and disruptive businesses.

"Slush provided a great reason to invite all the best people in Helsinki to meet the international Slush guests and speakers for an amazing night at BasBas. The power of this concept lays in the serendipitous encounters and follow-ups during and after the dinner. It was a great pleasure to co-host the eve and witness how active the guests have been with the follow-ups and aftermath networking. After successful first edition, we are looking forward to building a tradition of Slush Digital Friends Dinner in the upcoming years. "

-Risto Kuulasmaa (Co-Host)

"The 40th DFD Dinner at Slush in Helsinki has been unique... with an amazing co-host Risto, a powerful mix of brilliant minds and a location run by a passionate Chef at BasBas. Thank you all for making this happened. DFD at Slush in Helsinki will become a tradition."

- Stefan Heilmann (Initiator and Host)

Just to name a few, the following people attended the event: Mika Ihamuotila, the long-standing CEO and now Chairman of Marimekko, Corley Hughes, Acting Chief Financial Officer at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Renate Nyborg, App Store Lead for the Nordics and Benelux, Jörg Hellwig, Chief Digital Officer at LANXESS, Hans Raffauf and Ida Tin, Founders of Clue, Jillionaire, Music Producer and member of Major Lazer, and many many more dear digital friends. To top the event off, the restaurant Baskeri & Basso with its urban chic was the perfect setting to end the DFD season and to get in to the right mindset for the Slush week at the same time.

The 40. DFD was the final event in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018 and the next DIGITAL FRIENDS DINNERS with stops in Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin and many more.

Baskeri & Basso
00150 Helsinki