7. November 2017
RIDE.BLN, die deutsche Antwort auf SoulCycle in den US, eroeffnet das zweite Studio in Berlin - weitere Studios in Berlin, Frankfurt und München geplant
7. November 2017
Consumers today have ZERO CONTROL over who can access and sell their data and how they go about doing it. Existing regulations assume that a consumer will know who has their data but that is impossible in today’s world. The movement to give consumers control over their own data - like DOCTORBOX - is rapidly growing, and information sharing technologies & agreements are likely to be the means by which consumers can take back control over their data. Own, control and use YOUR HEALTH DATA with DOCTORBOX iOS App
7. November 2017
Impressive internet, tech and innovation portfolios at ‘s
5. November 2017
Agreed on „Others‘ Fool Theory“, bubble & sec token regulation & hit - YET is the FUTURE!
27. Oktober 2017
= Decentralized platforms = The Future of Internet (4.0) =